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What Makes Us Different

Bridget Fetterly handing a comforting teddy-bear to a child

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Meet Our Staff

The team at the Kane Fetterly funeral home

Meet Our Staff

Our Facilities

Photo of the coffee lounge at Kane Fetterly

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Family Owned and Operated Since 1965

Why is the company called Kane Fetterly?

In 1965, Thomas Kane sold his funeral home to Gary Fetterly. At the time, Fetterly was a young entrepreneur  …

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Complete Funeral Services

We provide complete funeral services for every religion and nationality: cremation and burial services, funeral pre-arrangements, repatriations to native country, reception facilities, aftercare (administrative support after the funeral, and grief counselling).


  • National Funeral Directors Association
  • Funeral Service Association Of Canada
  • Corporation des Thanatolgues du Québec
  • Seleceted Independent Funeral Homes
  • Canadian Independent Group Of Funeral Homes