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Meet Our Staff

Bridget Fetterly

President, Counsellor

Joined the family business in 1994 and became a third generation funeral director.

Paolo Bassi

Director of Operations, Marketing

Joined the family business in 1997 after moving from Italy.

Debbie Baldwin


Joined the company in 1997, she has dedicated over 16 years to the company.

Martin Gamache

Thanatologist, Counsellor

Began his career in this field as a student/apprentice at Kane & Fetterly and later returned to join the team in 2000. 

Christian Haentzler


Originally from France, joined the team in 1998. Christian brings more than 25 years experience as a counselor and director.

Jane Blanchard

Aftercare Counsellor

With a background in social work, joined the team in 2006 to offer a much needed assistance to the families after the funeral.

Jean-Louis Lefebvre

Pre-arrangements Counsellor

Joined the team in 2014. Jean-Louis brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the funeral industry.

Nicole Barcelos

Pre-arrangements Counsellor

Joined the company in 2017

Mary Pallett

Pre-arrangements Counsellor

Joined the company in 2010 after being self-employed for over 15 years.