Frequently asked questions about pre-arrangements

Pre-arranging a funeral means planning ahead of time funeral details for yourself or someone else. Some people choose to plan all the details in advance; others prefer to make basic choices, leaving some options for their family. A growing number of people choose to prepay for all services, thus sparing their families from all financial burden and any difficult decisions at the time of their passing.
No, there is no obligation to prepay, although many families choose to do so. For some, knowing that their wishes are left on record with a funeral home is sufficient to provide peace of mind. In this case the family or the estate will be responsible for paying the funeral expenses based on the prices in effect at the time of the funeral. Many families, however, opt to pre-pay to guarantee that the funds necessary for carrying out their wishes will be available. In this case the services and goods specified in the pre-arrangement contract are pre-paid and not subject to any price increase.
Various payment plans with options up to 10 years are available to accommodate different budgets. Contact us and we will offer guidance and assistance in determining which plan is suitable.
Many people put their funeral wishes in their will. The problem is that the will may not be readily accessible immediately after the death, or it may be read after the funeral depending on circumstances. Under the Quebec government’s Act respecting pre-arranged funeral services, a pre-arrangement is kept on file at the funeral home and with a third party unless otherwise specified. This makes your wishes clear and easy to access as soon as they are needed.
Yes, you may cancel and transfer a pre-arrangement contract at any time. Contact us and our counselors will assist you in the transfer. Be advised that funeral homes are legally entitled to retain up to 10% of the price of the goods and services not provided as an administration fee. However, Kane & Fetterly will absorb any fees that you might incur when transferring the pre-arrangement to us.


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