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Where Can Kane Fetterly Organize a Funeral?

Image of the funeral home building

Funerals at Our Location

Our spacious facilities provide a welcoming place to receive your guests. Learn more

Waterfront services

Funerals at a Waterfront Location

Have you ever wished to have a funeral in a picturesque location by the water? Learn more

Funerals at place of worship

Funerals at Place of Worship

Kane & Fetterly will go to your place of worship within a 60 km radius for no extra charge. We serve all faiths and cultures.

Services at the location of your choice

Funeral at the Location of Your Choice

” Can I have a funeral in my garden? It would mean so much to me… ”
Yes, Kane & Fetterly has organized funerals in family homes, country clubs and private clubs.
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If you don’t want to come to our funeral home, we can come to you

Over the last 50 years, we have held funerals from all the island of Montreal and beyond. Our fees are the same within a radius of 60 Kms. We have held funerals and memorial events at locations outside our funeral home like community centers, churches, clubs, meeting rooms and even family homes.