U1495 Biodegradable Urn

$ 225.00

Urna Bios is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn the ashes of a person into a tree.
Thanks to its design and manufacture, the urn provides proper germination and later growth of the tree, based on a person or pet’s ashes. In this way, death becomes a transformation and return to life by means of nature.
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Thanks to Bios Urn structure, the seed germinates in the top capsule, separated from the ashes. Once the urn starts to biodegrade seed roots are already strong enough to contact the ashes. With bio-degradation the entire set becomes part of the sub-soil.

The top capsule of Bios Urn was built to facilitate the growth of the seed. Before burying the urn you have to mix the components with some soil from where you want to plant the urn. The components allow a proper seed germination.

Urna Bios needs the same care as a normal tree: water, sunlight and a good temperature. As such, in order to ensure proper growth, a site with proper soil humidity, an appropriate temperature, and a few hours of sunlight must be selected. These parameters also vary according to the type of tree you want to use and your location. If the process requires too much care on the part of the user, a good option is to use a sprout or tree in the growth process.

What type of seeds can I use with Bios Urn?
The urn ships with pine seeds. However, you can use any type of seed. We recommend that you consult with an expert to find out what type of tree and in which area you should plant your tree.

Urna Bios is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn the ashes of a person into a tree