U2P07 Cold cast bronze urn

$ 365.00

Urn crafted in cold cast bronze (agglomerate bronze) available plain or with ornaments
Engraving available to personalize this urn.
Ideal for placement in a niche.

Available on backorder

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  • All ornaments are $ 29.50. To select an ornament, click on it.


Urn made in Quebec.
Cold cast bronze or agglomerate bronze is a mixture of real bronze and high tech polymers that is cast in a mold.
Urns are then taken out of the mold and polished by hand. A protective lacquer is then applied.
The urns are cast in one single piece including the frame and ornament. The bronze is not a paint coating. No joints are present to create any urn weakness or allow entry of moisture. The result is a water-resistant, high quality construction.

Details & Specs


9.75 in.


7.75 in.


3.75 in.




190 cubic inches

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