Nicole Barcelos

Photo of Nicole Barcelos
Nicole Barcelos is a citizen of the world who lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Paris and Santiago, Chile. This openness to the world is a wonderful gift that life has been able to offer her. With her bachelor’s degree in criminology from the University of Montreal, she succeeded in adapting to different cultures and learning new languages. She uses her skills as a communicator, event organizer, sales consultant and passion for people.

More than two years ago, her father died and she took the opportunity to integrate her professional experience in the organization of events in the funeral home. She succeeds successfully in guiding and accompanying people in the planning of a most feared and most evacuated subject of all … death, by proposing pre-planning funeral arrangements. Plan the funeral in advance is to organize one of the biggest events of life, hence the importance of planning a “signature of life” that is perfectly to the image of the person.

Moreover, her work is measured by the conviction of her words and the persuasion she exercises to achieve the expected results. It demonstrates exceptional energy and a constant concern for aesthetics and originality. Her challenges extend beyond the professional environment and extend to the practice of endurance sports such as swimming, cross-country skiing and hiking at high altitudes, as well as contributing to the well-being of her community.