Photo Tributes

Photo tributes on magnetic boards and dvd

Display photographs to rekindle memories and help people reminisce, share a story or even a laugh. It may surprise you to learn that 65% of people who come to the visitation or the service didn’t know the deceased directly. They knew the family or a family member.  Each photo tells a story and prompts conversation about good memories and special times shared.

Photo Tributes on Magnetic Boards

Kane Fetterly provide magnetic boards to display your photographs during visitation or before the service.

Digital Photo Tributes

Photo tributes can be created by us for a fee and are available within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can ask a member of the family to create a photo slideshow for you. In any case, photo tributes can be played during a visitation, gathering or ceremony from our on-site audio-visual equipment or from your laptop or tablet.