In Memory Of BORDET, Alexandre


Service Information

Resurrection Chapel of Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery
4601 Cote des Neiges Rd.
Montreal, Quebec
August 31, 2020
It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of my beloved father, Alexandre Bordet, his joie de vivre will be dearly missed by all who knew him, family, friends and colleagues.
Alex was born in St.Vincent, Aosta Valley, Italy, after WW2 moved to Melbourne, Australia, then to Montreal, where he studied, invested, worked, and got married. He made many good and loyal friends along the way, he moved us with his life’s adventures and always had some wisdom to partake with a good laugh to share. He had the biggest heart, he was courageous and strong, a pioneer entrepreneur who never gave up, loved nature, travel, culture, people, and his faithful German Shepherds Diana, Diggi I&II, Whiskey I, II & III.
Walked on the Mount-Royal every morning with his dog, brunchs and hot tub with poolside laughter, loved swimming and biking, would bicycle from Montreal to Vermont and back, loved to ski Jay, St.Sauveur, Matterhorn, Plateau Rosa, swam or sailed in every ocean, walked on nearly every continent, climbed many mountains, met beautiful people, was part of the world, was real, gave of himself, believed in the essence of happiness and shared it.
He was loved, we will miss him more than words can ever say. My dear dear daddy, I will always love you.
He is survived by his daughter Daniella, (Marie-Claude), his brother Marco (Stella), his niece Sara (Fabrizio), his nephew Loris, Simone and Gabriele. All his friends near and far who also miss and loved him very much, Fergus, Paul, Caroline, Steve, Charles, Robert, Marco, Carmen, Pierre, Claude, Lucette, Christian, Patrick, Genevieve, Raymond, Veronique, Guy, Dodo, Nicole, Isaac, Johanne, Mariette, Claude, Lise, Eric, Melanie, Lize, Hans, Bob, Julien, Mike, Steven, Stephan, George, Claudette, Elizabeth, Armand, Marguerite, too many to list here.
He had fought many hardships during his life, kept healthy and good spirited, worked until 83 yrs old, but the recent pandemic left him defenceless to face an invisible enemy, he truly battled valiantly to survive, now he is with God, may he fly free and high. The love he gave while on this earth, to all living creatures, will be forever cherished, never forgotten. A mass will be celebrated to commemorate his life at the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal, due to the pandemic restrictions, the date will be confirmed once Diocese of Montréal advises. Thank you all, God bless.
Born February 13, 1931, left us April 17, 2020

Messages for the Family of BORDET, Alexandre

From: Melanie Petit

To Daniela ,
My deepest condolences , we will miss Alex very much
His talk of trans atlantic cruises , and swimming at the
Fairmont. He will be sorely missed .
From: Ernesto D'Alessandro

Mi dispiace io e lui i tempi di quando io ero in Aliatlia, grande uomo, siamo stati amici per tanto tempo poi ci siamo perso di vista. caro Alex unico Valdostano in Quebec.. sentiremo la tua mancanza RIP. tuo amico Ernesto D'Alessandro Alitalia..
From: Caroline, Steve et Charles

Chère Daniella
Quelle chance d'avoir eu un père hors pareil comme Alex!
Un homme d'exception, passionné, épicurien et avec qui on a cassé la croûte souvent tout en parlant de voyage et l'idée que tous rêves étaient possibles. Alex , un homme qui m'a inspiré l'idée que j'etait libre de suivre ma voix.
Merci pour ses années d'amitié, et sache qu'avec Daniella on continuera à apprécier tous ce que la vie a à nous offrir.
From: Marco Lazzeri

Alex... You were one of the most colourful, generous, and kindest gentleman, I have known since childhood. Rest In Peace dearest Alex.
From: Michelle Grenier

Mes plus sincères sympathies. Ce fût toujours un plaisir de côtoyer Alex dans l'industrie. Repose en paix et bon voyage!
From: Paulette Afilalo

May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace. You will be missed and you will be remembered.
From: Stéphane Leblanc

Après avoir vécu La Vie au maximum il est maintenant temps de te reposer. Repose en Paix Alexandre Bordet et veille sur ta fille qui t’aime tant. XX
From: Eric Miller

My dearest friend Alex,
You are now my companion on every mountain I climb.
And when I look-up at into the sky and see the birds, and hear the wind sigh through the mountain evergreens, and witness the moonrises over the horizon, I'II know you are there.
I promise to continue the journey with all your recommended wisdom, and to insure to be mesmerised with moments of awe and wonder.
I promise to always have something to look forward to look forward to, as it is a part of happiness.
And as you have so often mentioned, to turn simple moments into long lasting memories: laughter, friends, and events worthy of raising a toast at the end of the day (German Gluwein).
The Matterhorn, Black-lake and Zermatt are waiting for me.
Maybe I will meet you there...
Somewhere in Space-time, I wish our Journeys will meet again -
Because you are greatly missed.
From: Marie-Claude

Cher Alex, sacré bleu, toi qui as organisé tellement de voyages pour tout le monde, celui-ci tu ne l’attendais pas et nous non plus, ton dernier Grand Voyage. Nous aurions été de bons amis, tu avait toujours de bons conseils, tu voulait que les jeunes mordent dans la vie avec enthousiasme. Tu as toujours été une âme libre, tu étais un visionnaire éclairé, innovateur, dynamique, créatif, tu as pavé le chemin pour plusieurs, un grand humanitaire. Tu as surtout tu as été un excellent père, et je t’en remercie, soit en paix Alex.
From: Babbini Claude / lucette

*je suis debout au bord de la plage*un voilier passe dans la brise du matin et part vers l’ocean. Il est la beauté , il est la vie. Je le regarde jusqu’à ce qu’il disparaisse à l’horizon. Quelqu’un de mon côté dit: *il est parti* parti vers où?
Parti de mon regard, c’est tout!
Son mât est toujours aussi haut. Sa coque a toujours la force d’en porter sa charge humaine. Sa disparition totale de ma vue est en moi pas en lui. Et juste au moment où quelqu’un près de moi dit * il est parti* il y en a d’autres qui, le voyant poindre à l’horizon et venir vers eux s’exclament avec joie:LE
C’est ça la mort!
William Blake
Cher Alex tu vas manquer a tellement de monde mais surtout à tai fille chérie. "
From: Lise Grégoire

J’aimerais avoir une meilleure plume pour parler de ce GRAND HOMME,
de ce BEL HOMME , mon ami Alex que j’aime depuis que j’ai fait sa connaissance hiver 1961 à sa maison de Jay Peak.
L’homme avec un coeur plus grand que la vie, l’homme qui vivait la vie à 500% sinon plus, l’homme qui appréciait la bonne bouffe et le bon vin,
L’homme qui adorait sa fille et remerciait le ciel chaque jour depuis sa naissance, l’homme qui a été une inspiration pour tant de nous .
Alex, Merci d’avoir été mon ami. Merci Juji de nous permettre de partager avec toi.
Sincères condoléances à toi et à Marie Claude , avec amour, Lise
From: Sara

Thinking of you Daniela, during this difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss and want to extend my deepest sympathies. I am sure your father was a great man, who will be greatly missed. May the good memories you have of him, comfort you in the days ahead. He was very lucky to have you as a daughter.
From: Nancy Crawford

Dear Daniella,
I just came across this announcement, as my own father has just passed away as well. I am sending my deepest condolences in this time that I know is so very hard. I have fond memories of time spent in your Trafalgar apartment with your dad. I know he is deeply missed.
With a tight virtual hug, Nancy
From: Dominique Florent

Mes condoléances Danielle