Should children come to the funeral?

Mother comforting her young daughter during a funeral

Children at funerals

We are often asked whether children should come to visitations and funeral ceremonies. Some people think that it is better for the children to stay home. We believe that the participation of everyone from the oldest to the youngest is not only appropriate… it is essential. When we lose someone, usually the entire family gathers to support each other.

It is important for children to learn about the cycle of life. The lessons are already being taught in many popular children’s movies and TV programs. But wouldn’t it be better for them to learn these lessons from their own family?

Parent supervising children while they entertain themselves

Children’s Corner

At Kane & Fetterly we also recognize that children may become somewhat bored listening to adults tell stories about the deceased. This is why we have created a children’s play area. While you are sharing the memories of your loved one with other adults your children can be entertaining themselves with toys, movies, and books.