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Funeral Home and Funeral Services in Montreal

Family owned and operated since 1965

The Kane & Fetterly funeral home remains one of the few locally owned and operated funeral homes in Montreal, independent of international funeral industry conglomerates.


Someone has just passed  away. What do I do?

What are the first steps in the event of death?   Which information is required when meeting with a funeral director?

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Will the funeral home assist me after the funeral?

Feelings of sorrow and loss do not go away after the funeral and neither do we. Our funeral home provides continued assistance if needed.

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I am considering cremation. What are my options?

Choosing cremation does not limit your options when it comes to celebrating and honouring the life of your loved one.

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What Families Say About Our Funeral Home

I used the services of Kane & Fetterly, when my husband passed away a few years ago, and based on my own experience, this is the best funeral home in Montreal. All the team was great and very supportive, particularly Jane and Chris, who were fabulous during this difficult period of my life. Kane & Fetterly is A-1, and I strongly recommend this funeral home.
They are the best!

Carole Fradette

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Plan a Funeral Online

Funeral planning is easy with our on-line funeral planner. Start by selecting the type of service desired. We will then contact you without obligation to discuss your selections and to give you an idea of price.