7 Questions you should ask yourself

Pensive woman asking herself questions

1 How can I honour their wishes and still take care of the emotional needs of those who are left behind?

It’s quite common for people to tell their loved ones that when they pass away they don’t want the family to do anything special. They’ll say things like “I don’t …

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2 Can I have the funeral at a meaningful location?

A loving farewell is one that is held in a location that speaks to you and is comfortable for you, your family, and your guests. Sometimes that means …

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3 How can I help alleviate the pain of the loss of family and friends?

Loosing a loved one, whether it was expected or unexpected, is always painful. At that moment, many people feel a deep emotional longing. The sadness … 

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4 Can I do something special to honour the unique life of my loved one?

Since all lives are different, it makes sense that all funeral ceremonies should also be different. When our funeral counsellors help families to plan for a …

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5 Can I afford the funeral?

Would your loved one want you to end up with a huge debt because they have passed away? Probably not. That’s why we believe that it is important to honour …

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6 Should I consider a reception for family and friends?

After the loss of a loved one, people generally gather. At home, the kitchen often becomes the place where the family unites to share, tell stories, and find …

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7 Will the funeral home assist me after the funeral?

After the funeral, it is important to administer the loose ends and take the actions necessary to settle the estate. It is sometimes overwhelming …

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