Reasons to pre-arrange a funeral

The motivations to pre-arrange a funeral are personal and vary from one situation to another. Over the years, we have heard people saying:

“My children are scattered around the world. I want to make things easy for them.”
“My children and family do not get along. I want to make all the decisions ahead of time, so there are no conflicts at the time of my death.”
“I do not want my family to have to deal with financial matters at the time of my death.”
“I feel good knowing that everything will be pre-paid and no one has to stress about finding money to pay the funeral expenses.”
“I want to leave precise instructions to my family because my faith is important to me.”
“I am religious, and my family is not. It’s important to me that they respect my beliefs; therefore, I want to leave instructions for my funeral.”
“”I want people to remember me for who I was, so there are particular things that I want at my funeral to personalize it.”


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