Funeral Pre-arrangements

Freedom to make pre-arrangements without pressure

Meet Mary Pallett, pre-arrangement counsellor at Kane & Fetterly funeral home in Montreal. At Kane & Fetterly, our counsellors allow you to make decisions without pressure. You will only encounter helpful staff, truly sensitive to your needs.

You might be wondering… “Why should I make funeral pre-arrangements? Is it affordable?” At Kane & Fetterly, we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible. There are 3 points to consider:

1 Many people make funeral pre-arrangements

They plan in advance their funeral wishes or those of someone else. Some people choose to plan all the details in advance; others prefer to make fundamental choices, leaving some options for their families. Most people pre-pay for all services, thus sparing their families from all financial burdens at the time of their passing.

2 This is why people pre-arrange

Over the years, we have observed that women are those who start the process in the family. Usually, the spouse follows along. They pre-arrange because they want to eliminate the emotional burden on their family, especially their children. They want to make things easier for themselves by sparing their family from making difficult decisions at the time of their passing.
The majority of men pre-arrange because they want to eliminate the financial burden on their spouse making provision of the funds in advance.
In any case, the motivations to pre-arrange a funeral are personal and vary from one situation to another.

3 Funeral pre-arrangements are affordable

The cost of a pre-arrangement comes down to the choices you and your family make when planning the funeral. Different payment plans are available to suit all budgets.


Call for more information or to set up an appointment and meet with one of our counsellors at your residence or at our office with no obligation.


Funeral planning is easy with our online funeral planner. Start by selecting the type of service desired. We will then contact you without obligation to discuss your selections and to give you an idea of the price.