What Makes Us Different

Family owned and operated since 1965

From its Décarie Boulevard location, Kane & Fetterly keeps its 55-year-old family business progressing and on call 24/7, 365 days a year, with caring, family-like support for its community.

Bridget Fetterly and Paolo Bassi, husband-and-wife team at Kane Fetterly
Bridget Fetterly and Paolo Bassi, husband-and-wife team at Kane Fetterly

We value a hand-in-hand, client-driven relationship, not a sales-driven approach.

While most funeral homes have become commission-driven, quota-fulfilling big businesses, Kane & Fetterly values a hand-in-hand, client-driven relationship, listening closely to its culturally diverse clientele and tailoring services to meet their needs.

“My father built this business by offering exceptional service on a very wholesome level,” explains Bridget Fetterly. “We continue this mission by guiding people through one of life’s most difficult times with the very best in expertise and loving hand-holding support.”
When our funeral counsellors help families to plan for a traditional or contemporary funeral service, families are free to choose only those services that are meaningful to them and within their financial means. You will never experience pressure.Bridget Fetterly

Providing support services before, during, and after the funeral.

Memorial rituals are also diversifying a great deal, with more people moving away from formal traditional ceremonies.

“As a consequence, our role as funeral directors has also shifted,” explains Paolo Bassi, Director of Operations. “Today, we tend to see ourselves as support service providers offering a diverse portfolio of services, educating the community with informative group presentations and seminars, assisting people with funeral pre-arrangements for those who plan ahead, as event planners who work hand-in-hand with families to provide unique farewells for unique lives®; and as post-memorial administrative facilitators.”Paolo Bassi

Man discussing funeral arrangements with counsellor
Bridget Fetterly meeting a family

We work hand in hand with you to organize a unique farewell

At Kane & Fetterly we help families organize a unique farewell, a memorial experience that allows everyone to remember the stories, share their memories, and honour the life of a loved one.
We will coordinate all of the details or just a few, depending on how much involvement you would like us to have.
While most memorial services still take place in traditional venues, like churches and funeral homes, many others are choosing locations that were enamoured by the deceased person. We have organized funeral services at our funeral home or your place of worship and other venues such as private clubs,  country settings, and private homes.