Meet Our Staff

  • Bridget Fetterly

    Bridget Fetterly

    Joined the family business in 1994 and became a third generation funeral director.

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  • Paolo Bassi

    Paolo Bassi Director of operations

    Joined the family business in 1997 after moving from Italy.

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  • Debbie Baldwin

    Debbie Baldwin Administrator

    Joined the company in 1997, she has dedicated over 20 years to the company.

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  • Martin Gamache

    Martin Gamache Thanatologist

    Began his career in this field as a student/apprentice at Kane & Fetterly and later returned to join the team in 2000.

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  • Jane Blanchard

    Jane Blanchard Aftercare Counselor

    With a background in social work, joined the team in 2006 to offer a much needed assistance to the families after the funeral.

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  • Christian Haentzler

    Christian Haentzler

    Originally from France, joined the team in 1998. Christian brings more than 25 years experience as a counselor and director.

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  • Mary Pallett

    Mary Pallett
    Pre-arrangement Counselor

    Joined the company in 2010 after being self-employed for over 15 years.

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  • Marilou Paquette-Vanier

    Marilou Paquette-Vanier

    Joined the company in 2017

  • Joëlle Lavoie-Picard

    Joëlle Lavoie-Picard

    Joined the company in 2020

  • Giovanni Zappia

    Giovanni Zappia
    Funeral director assistant

    Joined the company in 2014

  • Andrée Corbeil

    Andrée Corbeil

    Joined the company in 2021