Paolo Bassi

Photo of Paolo Bassi
A devoted father and husband with passions for travel, computers and languages, Paolo brings a tireless dedication to his work at Kane Fetterly. Born in Como, Italy, he moved to Montreal in 1997 and immediately began working at the funeral home with his wife, company President, Bridget Fetterly.
“We got married, and after just a few months, circumstances brought me to help out in my wife’s family business.”
It was not a field Paolo had ever even considered for himself, and he is still intrigued by the reactions of others when he tells them what he does.
“Most of the time, saying the word “funeral” has the effect of a bolt out of the blue,” he says. “All of sudden people are confronted with the inevitable and the reactions are very interesting. Some change the topic, some are quite curious. Others seem to be caught off-guard and remain flabbergasted.”
But it’s that intense connection with people as they face what is often a very difficult period that motivates Paolo in his work everyday.
“I consider myself extremely lucky to work in a job where the personal component and individual attention are so crucial to helping people get through a difficult event. Every day I am reminded how precious life is and how important it is to live life to the fullest.”