Mary Pallett

Photo of Mary Pallett
A devoted mother, runner and baker, Mary Pallett came to work at Kane Fetterly by chance after being self-employed for more than 15 years in the retail and toy industry.
“I had just finished an exercise class at the Y when I noticed a sign on the community board that Kane Fetterly was hiring part time. Despite already having a full time job running a wholesale toy business with my husband I felt compelled to apply. Immediately after leaving my interview I knew I had found the perfect job for me!
Every day at work I have the opportunity to meet with families and guide them through the process of making pre-arrangements. I’m very much a people person, so by sitting down and chatting with families  I learn a little about their lives and can use this knowledge to help them plan a funeral that reflects their wishes. And of course I’m surrounded by a great team of compassionate professionals who I am proud to work with.”