How can I help alleviate the pain of the loss for family and friends?

People attenting funeral ceremony at Kane Fetterly

Loosing a loved one, whether it was expected or unexpected, is always painful. At that moment many people feel a deep emotional longing. The sadness of death can feel paralyzing and overwhelming. Shifting the focus from how your loved one died to how they lived, can help to make it easier for family and friends.

As family and friends gather and focus on the life that the person lived, mourning becomes a shared experience. We laugh, we cry, we share the stories and warm memories, and we support each other. In a very true sense… the ceremony, the visitation or the gathering is very much like a reunion.

Creating a memorial event that allows everyone to remember the stories and honour a life is a comforting way to say farewell. Loving Farewells® unite us…