Can I do something special to honour the unique life of my loved one?


Since all lives are different, it makes sense that all funerals should be different as well. When our funeral counselors help families to plan for a traditional or contemporary funeral service, families are free to choose only those services that are meaningful to them.

When it comes to helping you tell the story of your loved one’s life the possibilities are truly endless. Our rule of thumb is that as long it is legal, ethical and moral we will do everything we can to help you create a unique farewell for your unique loved one.

Receptions facilities, video-recording and live streaming of the ceremony, on-site family kitchen and children’s room, are only a few of the services that are available at our facilities. In addition, since every family is different, your options are never limited when it comes to select a casket, traditional or contemporary urns, a piece of cremation jewelry, etc.

Taking the time to share their story with family and friends will help you preserve their memories. They have departed, but their memories will always live in our hearts.