Should I consider a reception for family and friends?

Funeral receptions

Receptions for family and friends

After the loss of a loved one, people generally gather. At home, the kitchen often becomes the place where the family unites to share, tell stories, and find comfort.

At Kane & Fetterly, we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a family kitchen in our facilities. That is why a full kitchen is open and available for the families we serve. Families are encouraged to bring in their food or even prepare it themselves if they prefer. It looks a lot like a kitchen you would find in many homes. It is warm, inviting, and comfortable.

A reception brings comfort to family and friends in times of sadness. It offers everyone a time and a place to share memories about a loved one in a more casual and less-structure atmosphere.

Our facilities provide a spacious and intimate place to receive your guests. A host/hostess will always be present to take care of your needs. You can choose a reception even if you forgo a service.

Photo of the family kitchen at Kane Fetterly

Reception Facilities and Family Kitchen

No need for rentals. Our fee includes a fully equipped reception room and kitchen.

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