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Reception Facilities with Family Kitchen

Photo of the family kitchen at Kane Fetterly

Hold a reception before or after a gathering, visitation, memorial service or funeral. You can choose a reception even if you forego a service.

Our reception facilities come fully equipped

The fee for our reception facilities includes the use of the hall up to 3 hours, supervising staff, linens, coffee, tea, ice, and water. Dishes, glasses, and silverware are also available if needed. The fee includes the use of a fully-equipped kitchen that is available to caterers or for those families who want to provide their own food. Our audio-video equipment is also onsite and can be used for free by families during a reception.

Use our family kitchen

Families are free to use our family kitchen between visitations and for receptions. It comes equipped with a double oven, microwave, cooktop, refrigerator and freezer and plenty of counter space.

Food and menus

We offer a fine selection of menus for all type of receptions (breakfast, wine & cheese, luncheon, dessert). We also welcome families that would like to provide their own food. Food and servers are extra. Catering menus available upon request.