• Photo of the family kitchen at Kane Fetterly

    Reception Facilities and Family Kitchen

    No need for rentals. Our fee includes a fully equipped reception room and kitchen.

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  • Children's Corner

    Children’s Corner

    Bring children to the funeral home. We provide a room where they can entertain themselves.

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  • Live Streaming of Ceremony

    Live Streaming of Ceremony on Internet

    A solution for those family members and close friends that are unable to attend the ceremony.

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  • Couple viewing recording of funeral ceremony on their laptop

    Video Recording of Ceremony

    Create a lasting memento by capturing eulogies and expressions of love during the ceremony.

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  • On-site Audio-Visual Equipment

    On-site Audio-Visual Equipment

    No need to rent expensive audio-video equipment for the ceremony to display your photos or videos.

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  • Recorded and live music

    Recorded and live music

    From playing recorded music from your selections or our music library to hosting live music.

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  • Framed Prints on Canvass and Memorial Banners

    Framed Prints on Canvass and Memorial Banners

    From your photo, we can create customized memorial banners or a framed print on canvass that can be displayed during a visitation/gathering or the service.

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  • Bookmarks and Cards

    Personalized Bookmarks and Cards

    Bookmarks, cards, and service folders can be personalized by adding your photos and text, in the language of your choice.

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  • Memorial tables, stands, easels

    Memorial tables, stands, easels

    Displaying personal items of the deceased during a visitation or a gathering helps evoke fond memories and share their stories.

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  • Photos and Photo Tributes

    Creating a Photo tributes

    Displaying photos prompts conversation about good memories and special times lived.

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