In Memory Of Millward, Brian


Private Service

Brian Millward died in his sleep on January 17, 2021. After learning that he had just a year or two to live, Brian showed us how to conduct a life knowing it will soon end, with great resilience and much joy shared with Janet, family and friends. He was also given the rare chance to discover how many people loved him and the impact he had made during his 68 years.

His two big families were a huge part of his life. His mother Doris Millward, and Kathy, Scott, Bruce, Connie, Brent, Danielle, Bryce, Jalane, Leeanne, Ryan, Gerry, Dayton, Aiden, Amanda, Brandon, Stephanie, Tyler, Kristina, Brandi, Payton, James, Alyssa, Brody, Nicholas, Jenaye and estranged sister Debbie. His family by marriage, Betty and the late Ilay Ferrier, Ian, Jim, Cathy, Andrew, Danielle, Alex, Colin, Lucy, Kathy, Michael, Tadhg, Michael, Alex, Nicole, Marissa, Matthew, Julia, Natasha, Mary Jane. And his other families: the golf friends, the hockey friends, the softball friends, the store friends, the godchildren friends and the old hanging-about friends. And the love of his life, Janet.

A virtual event in honour of Brian, open to all friends and family, will be held on Saturday, February 6 at 3:00 p.m. Livestream , username: , password: uO7Ttzkt. If you would like to make a donation please give to a local charity of your choice supporting poverty relief, the homeless, a hospital or hospice.

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Messages for the Family of Millward, Brian

From: David Cromwell

A peaceful passage of a peaceful man. My sincerest condolences to all the family.

You are missed
From: Richard Jacques-Griffin

My condolences to Janet, Brian's family and friends.
I was first a hockey friend, playing opposing goalie to Brian for several years, and then saw him in the Hangover golf group. I knew him as a good humored soft spoken gentleman. You are missed Brian.
From: Michael Joy

To all of Brian's loved ones, my sincerest condolences. Although I had not seen Brian in many years, I remember him as one great human being. Special thoughts for you Janet, in what is I am sure a very difficult time.
From: Janet Feindel

I hadn’t seen Brian in many years but had a great time working with him in a film directed by our mutual friend, Graeme Campbell some years ago. I have fond memories of Brian, Graeme ,David and I at the Masurska restaurant on rue Prince Arthur all those years ago m.
My condolences to Janet and the family. A big loss.
From: Bill O'Neil

Brian and I shared a flat on de Bullion street on the plateau in '71 or so. Our rent was $60 (for a 6 1/2!). Great times with Graeme Campbell, David Rolling and Martin Bramwell. Very sad news and deepest sympathy.
From: Susie and Antti

Our deepest condolences to Brian's family and friends. He was a good friend and a better man, and will be missed.
From: Donna Guitard

Our sincere condolences to you Janet and to your entire family. We admired Brian's "esprits de vie". He always had a big smile on his face and his smile lines were deep. He will be missed.

With love Donna & Mark
From: Susan Rowley and Frank Balas

Warm hugs to Janet and family during this sad time.
Thinking of you,
Susan & Frank
From: Mike McGrath

My deepest condolences to Brian's family.

I knew Brian for close to 30 years. One of my favourite things about our summer hockey league was that Brian was always one of the first to arrive... and one of the last to leave. The pre- and post-game conversations were as fun as the game itself.

I'll miss him.
From: Julian and Claire O'Brien

We enjoyed the many photographs of Brian so happy among friends and family. We miss him and send prayers. May he rest in peace. Julian & Claire
From: Ann OBrien

My condolences to Janet, the rest of Brian's family and his friends.

Brian always made me laugh. He was a comfort at the huge O'Brien Christmas Gatherings when I was younger and didn't always recognize everyone. Two years ago I was seeing someone who played on the hockey team at LCC. I was pleasantly surprised to see Brian! I am grateful that I was able to see him more regularly during those weeks. I was able to know him better and learn what a fantastic (if seemingly nonchalant) goalie he was. I will miss his presence.

All my love,
From: Jennifer Price

I know the loss of Brian is big and keenly felt for all who know him. I will miss his smile which I can picture easily. Iconic even against the evolving landscape of his face over the decades. Wry. Funny. Gentle. Smart. Really smart. Missed.
From: Linda Albiston

Brian was a very special person and good friend to my family, He especially hel a special place I’m my mom’s heart, when she was sick in 2019. To July 2 2019 he never missed a day in visiting her,, I will never forget that both Brian and Janet wonderful people, We miss you Brian❤️
From: Linda Rice

Gone too soon, that's for darn sure. Much love to Janet and to the rest of Brian's nearest and dearest. He was a great guy, a big softie under all the gruffness, and I feel lucky to have known him as a friend and colleague. We sometimes argued but we mostly laughed. Yup, I mostly remember laughing - thanks for that. xx